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I`m Vera Volkova.
I live in Moskow.
For about 30 years I have been teaching children to sew various toys by hand.
In my work I only use top quality materials, mohair, rayon, plush.
To make clothes for my little ones, I take natural cotton und silk.
I`m regulary take active part in teddy`s and dolls exibitions in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic. I am participating in the online show BCA, eBearShow, SG Teddy and FriendsShow.
I hope that my teddy`s will be interested for you and they will find their new homes. To every work I add love, warm feelings to share with you through my little ones.
Many of my toys live in different countries: England, Germany, Netherlands, USA,
France, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia and others.
My email address is:
Instagram Vera_toys
WhatsApp +7 916 413 92 98