Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Dec 8, 2021

Florence is just a beautiful colourful bear with her floral paw pads and lovely red woolly hat and wooden sock ornament and other sewn ornaments. I love her blue eyes. I also bought a carrot which is so amusing and a lovely little grey cat which Vera made for me as a custom order. They all make a delightful group.

Dear Jean! I am very pleased to communicate with you. I am delighted to share my creative spirit with you🧸🥕🐱. Made for you with great interest❤🥰.
Vera Volkova
Review by Sonia A.
Portugal, on Sep 16, 2021

Wow, what a Beautiful and so so cute teddy bear, trully recomend the work of this artist Just fantastic, and his litle companion so cute and tiny.Thank you so much !

Dear Sonia! I am very pleased to read this and see the photo. Thank you so much for choosing my toys. My best wishes and hugs😀❤🌺.
Vera Volkova
Review by Sharon G.
Canada, on Jun 10, 2021

Having sailed his yacht around the world, Fredy has accomplished his mission to bring great joy and smiles to his new owner.
He is loved!

Hi dear Sharon! I am glad to know that this meeting took place. I was very worried about the long trip around the world. The yacht has established itself as a very reliable means of transportation. The captain Fredy is very brave. Thank you very much for your kind words. It's pleasure to me to know that. Kind regards❤, Vera
Vera Volkova
Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Jun 3, 2021

I couldn't resist little Aimi. She can now be reunited with her friend Vincent the rat. Beautifully created with such a wonderful expression. I also got a delightful mini hedgehog. Very imaginative creations.

Dear Jean! I'm glad to read this. Thank you so much for letting the little kitty Aimi and her best friend Vincent be together. Now they will dream and come up with different interesting stories again😀👏👍.
Vera Volkova
Review by Sonia A.
Portugal, on May 7, 2021

This was my first little bunny i bought here on tedbsy I truly recomend Vera the little one is just perfect and so well made.

Dear Sonia! I am very pleased to see the photo and read these kind words. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart❤!!!
Vera Volkova
Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on May 4, 2021

This the first creation of Vera's I have bought and he is just delightful, so much detail and I really like his eyes and the whole of his outfit. Full of personality. Very nicely packaged.

Dear Jean! Thank you very much for your kind words🙏! It is very important for me💯❤🌷
Vera Volkova
Review by Nancy P.
United States, on Mar 13, 2021

cute bunny, just adorable

Dear Nancy! Thank you very much for your kind words! This is so important to me!
Vera Volkova
Review by Melissa R.
United States, on Dec 17, 2020

Truly adorable and more detail than the photo shows. I love his
shading and the outfit brings such a smile to my face. Wonderful!!

Dear Melissa! I am very pleased to receive such a wonderful review❤. I am glad that the bear Boney will now live in your ?. Thank you? Vera
Vera Volkova
Review by Bridget D.
United States, on Oct 24, 2020

This little bear is just beyond cute! He's so well made and has so much personality. I absolutely love him! This seller shipped him very quickly and he was carefully packaged. I highly recommend this artist and will be be returning. Thank you Vera! :)

Dear Bridget!!! I am fascinated by this lovely couple?. They are made for each other and cause a kind smile?. Thank you very much?!!! Vera.
Vera Volkova
Review by KS M.
United States, on Sep 3, 2020

Little Princess Frog flew quickly all the way to the US with her butterfly wings to join her new friend. They are very happy together, and make me smile much! What beautifully and uniquely crafted creations you make. Thank you, dear Vera! ???

How nice it is to know that on the other side of the earth there is a sweet home and its kind mistress, who loves cute toys as much as I do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your choice?! May frogs bring prosperity??!
Vera Volkova
Review by KS M.
United States, on Aug 1, 2020

What a dear little frog! He has such a fabulous personality, and so exquisitely crafted by Vera. What a treasure for her to share her great talent in the making of her creations. Shipping was not especially fast, but Vera kept me informed with updates along the way, very much appreciated!

Dear KS!!! Thank you very much for your kind words and photo. The frog lives well!!! I'm happy?!!!
Vera Volkova
Review by Mieke H.
The Netherlands, on Dec 20, 2019

What a beautiful little bunny, Benedict, I loved him right away! It’s looking like an independent little fellow, and he is a worldtraveler! He is nicely made, I adore his little nose with the ‘freckles’ and he was good packed and send to me.

I'm glad for Benedict. He has a happy future. I look at the photos and smile. Thank you!
Vera Volkova
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